North Carolina Files New Fraudulent Tax Return

August 30th, 2018 — 9:17pm

North Carolina is relentless. After filing a bogus tax return on my behalf and adding on thousands in late fees, NC is at it again. This time I even filed a return showing I had no taxable income. But it went ahead and filed its own return showing I owe $1343 after a hefty helping of late fees.

I have a feeling I’m stuck in the NC’s broken tax system indefinitely. I may have to call every single year and find someone who can fix my return.

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North Carolina Garnishes Bank Account

March 12th, 2016 — 5:43pm

Barely a week after the MVA incident, I received the following letter from my bank. My initial reaction to this was somehow I’ve been scammed. I haven’t lived in North Carolina in a long time. Why would I owe the state anything? Leave it to the government to invade your privacy, while leaving you poorer, all the while making you feel like a criminal.


When I called the NCDOR, I was told the state filed a tax return on my behalf for year 2010. In five years, I’ve never received anything. Once I provided my address, I was sent the following letter along with other bogus claims of taxes owed and fees.


The NCDOR has since acknowledged that I don’t owe taxes from 2010 nor the 200% interest and fees; however, I’m still waiting on the booty to be returned.


I was going to send a letter to the entire state legislature about this but decided against it since I was not given a hard time about refunding my assets. I will post it here, however.

Dear Legislator,

I was notified by my bank that my account was garnished by the NCDOR. Taxes along with five years of interest and fees were taken for a year I was not working in North Carolina. Never in the past five years have I received a letter, an email, a text, or a phone call. There has been no serious attempt to contact me at all. Even though my address has been unstable due to a job loss, my phone number and email have not changed in a decade. At any time in the past five years, my contact information could have been found by contacting my prior employer, my current employer, the NC Employment Security Commission, the city of Raleigh, Wake County, prior tax returns, or five seconds of searching on Google.

I rarely complain about my taxes. I chose to do nothing when the court date for the appeal on my property taxes was sent to the wrong address, thereby denying me the appeals process. I did not complain when property taxes were recently raised.

This, however, is unacceptable. It was only a few days ago that Maryland suspended my registration and then came looking for its penalty fees. Sloppy and lost paperwork is the business strategy of too-big-to-fail banks. States cannot resort to the same underhanded means of covering budget shortfalls.

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Maryland Suspends Vehicle Registration

March 12th, 2016 — 4:52pm

I received a notice from the MVA out of the blue that my vehicle registration was suspended. Apparently it lost my insurance information. Did someone bother to take five minutes to call me and let me know of the problem? Nope. By the time I had the notice in my hand, I had been driving around in an unregistered vehicle for a week.

The next Monday, the MVA was not accepting calls. Both the main number and the insurance division would play a recorded message and then hang up. Somehow my problem was fixed before the afternoon, which was probably due to the information being sent by my insurance company.

I decided not to make a big stink over problem since it was resolved at light speed in government time. And I even received a call from a state senator. STILL, the MVA should not be taking adverse actions without contacting people first.


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Do Not Use the Post Office

August 2nd, 2015 — 2:48pm

After my prior bad experience with the post office, you might have thought I had learned my lesson. Well I have now. I sent a check priority mail to purchase a used vehicle. The only reason I sent it priority mail was because the leasing company said they needed it immediately. Had I sent the check and paperwork regular mail, it would have been there by the end of the week and everything would have been fine. But as you can see, it was nearly three weeks late.


And this time, I was in it for a lot more than $5.75. I waited stress-fully for a week for the leasing company to notify me that they had received payment. At this point, I needed the sale to be completed as much as they did because the safety inspection is only good for thirty days and the leasing company takes two weeks to send the bill of sale. If the time went beyond 30 days or I put more than 1000 miles on the vehicle, I would need to go back and pay for another inspection.

When I went to the bank to wire the money, I found out that it was $31 to cancel my check. It’s another $30 to wire funds. So now the total is $66.75, all thanks to the post office’s false advertising of priority mail.

It’s not only priority mail that’s a problem. I asked Freedom-Pop not to ship a replacement phone for the broken one they shipped until after I returned from vacation. So they promptly shipped it a few days before we left. I tried everything I could to get the post office to hold delivery. I stopped my mail for two weeks. I tried contacting the post office and leaving notes with the tracked item. Everything failed. Sure enough they left it at my door, conveniently advertising to the whole world I’m not home.

In this situation, I had absolutely no control, but the lesson I’ve learned is clear. Do not use the post office for anything other than regular mail. Go with one of the other shipping services.

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USPS Not Helpful

December 10th, 2013 — 8:15pm

I sent three items priority 1-day mail at the post office at a cost of $5.60 each. Two of the items took four days to go about an hour’s drive. The other took six days and was routed through New Jersey. I heard I could get a refund, but when I tried, I was told priority 1-day mail is not guaranteed. It’s really just best effort. So basically, it’s totally worthless. I could have spent about 0.50 and had the same results. At least my experience wasn’t this bad. Hey! Mine went through the same NJ distribution center!

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Maryland Attorney General Not Helpful

November 30th, 2013 — 3:19pm

I went to the Maryland Attorney General website a while back and went through the whole process of filling out the rather lengthy consumer complaint form on the quality of C’s loans. The site requires you to send a paper copy to the Attorney General’s office. So I prepared and printed all the paperwork yet again. Eventually I was notified that this was not the Attorney General’s problem. Supposedly the matter was forwarded to the CFPB, but I never heard of it again. Even so, it would have just been forwarded to the NCUA, where it would promptly disappear into the void. Hopeless…

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NCUA Does Not Like Me

November 30th, 2013 — 3:10pm

The NCUA seems to be going out of its way to be unhelpful to me. I pay the taxes that fund its employees salaries; it ignores me. Its employees do not respond to my emails unless it’s forwarded on by the CFPB. They always find a way to interpret the law in such a way that they don’t actually have to do any work. I wanted to find out if they were ignoring or discriminating against me, so I created an email account under a Hispanic name. I emailed an inarticulate complaint in broken English, and it took a week, but they responded by opening a case number and asking for more information. So I feel justified when I say they really don’t like me.

The Credit Union (C from here on) banned me from using its services. Just to be a thorn in its side, I sent a complaint to the CFPB. I stated that Section 1764 of the Federal Credit Union Act gives me the right to be heard prior to expulsion by a formal vote. The CFPB forwarded my complaint to the NCUA. It emailed the following response and then immediately closed the ticket so that I had no way of responding. The respondent did not ask any questions about the situation or attempt to be of any help.

As a member of a Federal Credit Union, the Federal Credit Union Act (FCU Act), grants all members’ two basic rights: the right to maintain a share account and the right to vote at annual meetings. 12 U.S.C. §§1759, 1769. However, nothing in the FCU Act or NCUA’s Rules and Regulations precludes a FCU from restricting the availability of certain services provided there is a rational basis for such action. See Legal Opinion Letter 08-0431 (available at The credit union is within their right to limit services to some members.

The Legal Opinion referenced here states that there needed to be some loss by C. And further, C would need to provide me with a formal policy of suspension of services. I don’t know whether such a policy exists, but I was not offered one or told where it could be found. Further, at the time I discovered C had banned me, I don’t believe I had actually cost C a single penny.

The NCUA would not respond to me.

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The Wealth Extraction Industry (cont.)

March 22nd, 2013 — 9:55am

Two months later, my escrow has finally been refunded.

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The Wealth Extraction Industry (cont.)

March 12th, 2013 — 9:04pm

I have now received two letters from Universal. One is a cancellation notice of the policy I didn’t know I had. The other is a response to the NCDOI. I also received a letter directly from the NCDOI. As of yesterday, the money has still not been refunded. The following is the OCR’d response.

As you are aware, Universal and Allstate entered into an agreement to rollover some policies that Allstate was terminating. The process was that Universal would offer coverage to these individuals based on information from Allstate. The policy was either accepted (by sending payment) or rejected (by requesting cancellation or not sending in payment) by the insured. In Mr. [removed] case, we received payment from the mortgage Company so the policy was continued in force.

[removed] was sent a new business packet as well as the initial billing on this policy, however, both parcels were returned to us. Two weeks earlier the mortgage company contacted us to change the method of billing from Mr. [removed] to the mortgage company. We then wrote to the agent to request the correct mailing address for Mr.

We were first advised on February 15, 2013 that that Mr. [removed] had homeowners coverage elsewhere when the mortgage company (US Bank) called to advise they sent the insured’s payment to us by mistake, and that he has had other coverage since April 30, 2012. Initially, we advised Mr. [removed] that while we cannot backdate the cancellation that far, in order to refund his premium we will need proof of coverage from his current carrier, a signed request from him to cancel the Universal policy, and a paid receipt indicating he paid the other company’s premium.

Upon reviewing this entire issue, it would appear to me that the best option is for us to flat cancel Mr. [removed] policy back to inception and refund his premium in full to his mortgage company. You may advise him that we will be doing this as soon as possible. I am however, advising Mr. [removed] of the same by copy of this letter. Should you have any questions, please contact me.

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The Wealth Extraction Industry (cont.)

March 7th, 2013 — 5:39pm

Continuation of The Wealth Extraction Industry.

It’s been a few weeks since I was told Universal would refund my escrow at US Bank. So far there has been no action. I contacted both the the BBB and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I also contacted the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

I initially submitted a fraud complaint to the NCDOI but didn’t get a response. So I sent an email and was called by a person who gave me a lot of useful information. But he said this would be a consumer complaint instead of fraud. He essentially said that usually individuals commit fraud; companies just make errors. Under that definition, it sure makes it difficult to prove a company had malicious intent. But I didn’t argue. He told me to resubmit the complaint to the consumer division, which I have done.

In the mean time, I contacted US Bank and Universal again. This time I was told by a representative at Universal that a check would be sent tomorrow. We’ll see.

I also just received a response from US Bank to the CFPB. The following was OCR’d from the PDF file.

U.S. Bank Home Mortgage is in receipt of your letter to the Better Business Bureau dated February 22, and to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, dated March 1, regarding the servicing of your mortgage loan. I have been asked to provide you with a response, as your concerns involve my direct business line.

Please be assured the concerns which led you to submit your communication were reviewed and addressed with the appropriate response team in U.S. Bank Home Mortgage.

The response team determined U.S. Bank Home Mortgage purchased your loan on December 26, 2010 from Nasa Federal Credit Union. A notice of renewal was received on April 25, 2010 from Universal North America which was a continuation of your existing Allstate policy; the insurance carrier we had on file at the time your loan was purchased. Letters were mailed to you by Universal advising if you would like to discontinue coverage with them to contact them as soon as possible.

U.S. Bank Home Mortgage received new policy information on April 25, 2012 reflecting State Farm as your new insurance carrier. At this time, your account was updated to reflect the new policy information effective from April 30, 2012 to April 30, 2013. The yearly premium amount was updated to $405.00.

On May 10, 2012 a cancellation notice was received from Universal advising if payment was not received insurance coverage would cease on May 20, 2012. We contacted Universal and spoke with Donna, who confirmed the premium of $604.00 was due. This was disbursed from escrow and mailed on May 10, 2012.

During our research, we determined an error occurred when the renewal notification was received from Universal. On April 25, 2012, we should have placed a call to your State Farm Agent to confirm the status of the current policy on record; however, this did not occur.

We received a phone call from you on January 28, 2013 advising us the only policy that should be listed on your account is through State Farm Insurance. At this time, research was initiated in regards to the active policy on your account. On February 4, 2013, we contacted State Farm and confirmed your policy information. The premium amount of $403.00 had been disbursed April 25,2012, with coverage effective dates of April 30, 2012 through April 30, 2013. Please be advised,there was no lapse in coverage during the transition from Universal to State Farm.

On February 4, 2013, the Universal policy was removed from your account and we spoke with Jeremy who advised in order for Universal to issue a refund to you, they will need a signed cancellation request. We have submitted the required declaration page and a copy of the paid receipt;however, you will need to send in a signed cancellation request. You may email your information to or fax 817-348-7961. A refund for the premium will be sent directly to you, as we do not receive refunds from insurance companies.

Once the refund is received, you may send the funds back to us to be placed into your escrow account. Currently, there is a shortage of $598.78 on your account. Beginning with the April payment, $49.90 will be added to your monthly payment in order to collect for the shortage. By sending in the refund at your earliest convenience, the shortage will be paid in full. This will eliminate the increase in your monthly payment amount.

We regret any inconvenience or frustration the hazard policy error may have caused. We place the highest priority on providing excellent customer service and relating back to our customers in a timely manner. We wish to assure you this is an exception and does not indicate the quality of service provided by U.S. Bank Home Mortgage.

Please be assured that we truly value you as a U.S. Bank Home Mortgage customer and we consider it a privilege to serve your mortgage needs. Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding this matter, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Center at 800-365-7772 or by visiting our website at usbankhomemortgagecom.

My response is below.

Hello, as of this time, I have been told multiple by times by Universal North America that a check will be sent to US Bank to refund my escrow. I am still waiting. Please keep this complaint open until the escrow is refunded. I have also contacted the North Carolina Department of Insurance. The following are omissions and inaccuracies in US Bank’s analysis.

Universal North America and I are in dispute that I have a policy with them. I have written notification by Allstate that my policy was terminated April 30, 2012. I had never had any direct communication with Universal until US Bank initiated a three way phone call this past February. Any solicitations for business I may have received from Universal would have been discarded with the rest of the junk mail.

I notified US Bank that State Farm was my insurance company on April 23, 2012. I informed them, again, that my insurance company was State Farm, and not Universal, on April 30, 2012. I also called to make absolutely sure they understood that Universal was not my insurance company. You can see from the attached email on April 30, 2012, that a representative of US Bank acknowledged the phone call and that the issue was supposed to be fixed. This was prior to any disbursement from my escrow.

I have also sent the declaration page and receipt of payment for my State Farm insurance to Universal the day we were on the phone with US Bank. I sent the required cancellation request as well. I am still waiting for the refund to be sent to US Bank.

And here is the email thread.

[From US Bank]

Thank you for your recent request regarding your mortgage loan with U.S. Bank Home Mortgage. It is always a pleasure to assist you with any request you may have.

Our Insurance Department is in the process of updating your account to State Farm and disbursing the premium. The premium should be sent to State Farm in a few days.

If we may be of further assistance or if you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Service Center by dialing 1-800-365-7772 or you may send an email through our website and select “CONTACT US” to email a U.S. Bank Home Mortgage Specialist.”

04/23/2012 06:04 PM

[From me]

Created: Apr 23, 2012

Comments: Hello, My insurance has recently changed to State Farm. You should have received notice from State Farm, but the escrow information shows the insurance company as AllState.

[From US Bank]

Thank you for your recent request regarding your mortgage loan with U.S. Bank Home Mortgage. It is always a pleasure to assist you with any request you may have.
Your account reflects you have spoken with a representative regarding your below inquiry. However, please respond to this email if you need any further assistance.

If we may be of further assistance or if you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Service Center by dialing 1-800-365-7772 or you may send an email through our website and select “CONTACT US” to email a U.S. Bank Home Mortgage Specialist.”

04/30/2012 11:52 AM

[From me]

Created: Apr 30, 2012

Comments: Hello, Have you paid my insurance? It is due today (April 30). The escrow still shows UNIVERSAL NORTH and State Farm as my insurance companies. State Farm is the only company with whom I have an agreement. Please call me [number removed].

After I sent the response, I got the following from the CFPB.

We regret that the company’s response did not fully address the issues in your complaint, and have noted your dispute in our records. While we’re likely done working on your individual complaint, here’s what’s next:

We’ve sent a copy of your complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, where they’ve added it to a database for state and federal law enforcement agencies.
The information you shared with us will inform our work to supervise companies, enforce federal consumer financial laws, and write better rules and regulations..
Details about your complaint are available at
We welcome feedback on how our complaint process has worked for you. If you would like to share your story, go to

It seems to me that the regulatory agencies are just too weak. I’ve contacted the OCC, the NCUA, the CFPB, and now the NCDOI about a number of different issues. Except for the NCDOI, from whom I have not yet received a response, the most I’ve ever gotten out of a regulatory agency is that they asked the offending company to send their side of the story. Then nothing happens. Nothing happens. There’s a response (we didn’t do anything wrong), and then nothing. We don’t need 50 regulatory agencies. We just need one with some teeth.

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