Response from the OCC

So the OCC turned out to be pretty much worthless. I never received a response to my simple question. Instead, I got another response from Citi, which more or less reiterated what was already said. It’s not worth messing around over $60. Citi and Genworth screwed me. I had to pay a month’s worth of insurance on a product I didn’t own, on a contract I never signed, and paperwork I was never given. How does that work?

In any case, I was just approved for a Citi MasterCard which has a rewards program that will give me a $150 gift card if I put $700 on it in the first three months. Since I would normally only get $7 for $700 worth of expenditures on my Amazon card, I estimate I should earn more than double what Citi took. This is a lot easier than fighting with them, and I don’t even have to win! As soon as I get my gift certificate, I’ll close all my Citi cards. More to come.

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