Banks Behaving Badly (continued)

See earlier post.  I finally told my loan agent I was going to visit his office to see if we could get some of these errors straightened out.  He didn’t seem to be too enthusiastic about about me dropping by for a visit.  In fact I couldn’t even get in the door.  The main entrance was locked.  I couldn’t get in until a lady at the front desk let me in, and then they gave me a badge.  Odd.  When I finally met my loan originator, he told me there was no need to for me to come by (we had been doing everything by email).  He seemed to be sweating and nervous.

My plan had worked, however.  In response to my visit, he fixed (probably the night before) the swapped mortgage amounts.  I don’t believe any of the other numbers had been changed.  But at least I felt good enough to hand over the appraisal checks.  A few weeks later, I received some more paper work with the loan amounts swapped again.  Oh well, I guess you can only ask for so much.

Then I waited.  And waited.  Nothing happened.  I called and emailed.  Nothing.  When I did manage to get a response, it was only that the paperwork had not yet gone to underwriting.  By this time I had received the appraisals.  A few more weeks passed and it became clear that I was not going to settlement by the lock date.  The rates had fallen slightly.  I was wondering if NASA FCU was intentionally delaying to try and get a better rate for themselves.  In any case I decided to try to negotiate a better rate.  When I first asked about re-locking at the current rate displayed on their website, my mortgage agent called me at the end of the day with a sort of counter offer.  He made me make  decision immediately, so of course I didn’t have any time to run the numbers.  I told him never mind.

A few weeks later, when my rate actually had expired, I demanded a better rate (actually just lower points).  To be continued.

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